COHOLA Côtes du Rhône Red Organic 2018

COHOLA Côtes du Rhône Red Organic 2018

Short for Cor Hominis Laetificat, i.e. Gladden the Man’s Heart. As a Côtes du Rhône, this wine combines the 3 best organic grape varieties of the Rhône Valley: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre (GSM). 

A simple guarantee of pleasure.


Terroir  : From the best soils of the heart of Vaucluse mixin clay, sand and stones.


Grape varieties : "GSM"  Grenache (70%), Syrah (15%), Mourvèdre (15%). All grapes coming from selected low-yield unstressed vineyards. Grenache brings warmth and softness, Syrah colour and fruit, Mourvèdre elegance and depth with its spicy notes.



Vinification process : Traditional fermentation with very little pumping-over and two ‘délestages’, or rack-and-returns, in order to obtain a lot of fruit and a soft structure


Ageing : After malolactic fermentation, the different varieties are blended. Ageing is done in tanks for a year, until the optimal bottling time.



Aspect: dense ruby red with a purple hue


Nose: pure, with intense red fruits aromas, raspberry jam. As the wine opens up notes of spices and black olives appear.


Taste: tender and voluminous attack. Structure is elegant and fresh. Alternating fruits and spices give this wine a nice balance and harmony.


Service :Serve at 16°. Ideal with beef, lamb, barbecues and poultry in sauce.

To order your basket must be a multiple of 6 bottles (= 3 Magnum).